Bucegi – Moara Dracului Waterfall

I was pretty active in this weekend having gone out both days. Saturday I went out with my fiancee on a walk to a ski resort which is 13km away from our city (I will detail this trip in a future post) and Sunday, I went out again, this time for a more difficult hike to a waterfall in the Bucegi Mountains. It was not that the hike was long or dangerous but the fact that it snowed a lot last week and the path was covered in 20-30cm of snow.

We went by car from Brasov to the Simon village where we left the it before a road barrier and took the rest of the dirt road by foot.

After about half an hour we arrived at a junction where the two hiking signs that we were following by then split in two. One was following the same dirt road, which we kept on following, and the other went straight into the forest.


Not long after, we were enchanted with the first great views of the mountains.

The Bucegi Mountains – part of the Carpathian Mountains
Highest Peak – “Omu Peak” 2505m

We were getting closer and closed to the base of the mountain so I knew it wouldn’t take long until we will start climbing and so it was. After another 30-45 minutes we left the dirt road and went on a narrow and abrupt path which climbed the hill that laid before us. This was the hardest part of the trip but fortunately not a long one. From the top of the hill it took us about 10 minutes to arrive at our destination. I will let the photos say the rest:)

Panorama of the clearing



Although the snow does not look to be too big I assure you that one wrong step and you end up stuck in snow to your knees.

I don’t know what the speed of the wind was but what I am sure of is that when it was starting I needed to cover.


A waterfall of snow.


Moara Dracului Waterfall, frozen from top to bottom.

We returned on the same path we took on climbing to get here. It was a really nice trip and my only regret is that I can’t go out on such trips more often.