Romanian Snooker

I dedicate this post to all involved in this wonderful game (players, referees, organizers and all the other people that made this possible).

I have been involved in the game of snooker for nearly 5 years and have seen the evolution of it. When I joined the picture there were only a few clubs around the country and I believe you could have counted them using the fingers of one of your hands. In my hometown there were no clubs at that moment but several months later one was founded and what was then a 10 players snooker club with one table became to be today a 50+ players club with 4 tables. The similar thing happened in other main cities and now, with more and more clubs setting up and with the national championship getting bigger, players are coming to play from all over the country. It is good to see that there are many that start playing from a young age because they are representing the future of this sport  – keep in mind that last year’s winner of the National League is only 18 years old.

I remember when the first century was realized, it was a huge news, even a 50 break was  considered to be a very good break. The good thing is that now, there are more and more players that are able to make those 50+ breaks and now and then you hear that other centuries had been made.

Even if snooker is a new game practiced in our country it surely evolved a lot in the last years and I really hope that some day we will have a player to represent us in the most prestigious international events. We already have referees representing us at the biggest competitions so why shouldn’t we have players too?

I will finish this post with a video that really impressed me this morning, a maximum break made in practice by two of our best players:

Congratulation guys!


Snooker, a new year…

For those that are not aware what snooker is, it can be described as a game similar to billiards/pool but on a bigger table and with smaller balls. Sounds difficult? It really is. The thing that makes it so difficult, but exciting in the same time, is that it is also a mental game. You can have a good aim and pot balls but without mastering your emotions you can never be good at snooker.

I have been playing snooker for about 4 years and had lots of high and lows but this year I am expecting to be a better one and I am saying that because I proposed myself to practice more and have a different thinking at the table. The things changed in the last two years because I did not practice as much I should and there are more and more new players that come from behind. In fact, there were times when I was playing so bad that I tough it will be better if I just quit playing but, fortunately, I never did:).

This weekend is taking place the local league’s first snooker tournament (of a series of ten). I have finished on the 12th position last year and have been practicing more in the past few weeks so I expect a good first event.  I have already had a good start at this event with a narrow win (2-1, potting the last black ball) in the first match from a group in which I have three competitors, one of which is the local coach and current number one.

Tomorrow  morning I am going to do a final training session so I can be as ‘in form’ as I can be on Saturday.